Choosing for SAP WM or EWM

Both WM and EWM optimize warehouse operations and provide monitoring and controlling functionalities. The choice between the two depends on the required functionalities and the size and complexity of the operations.

Some reasons to turn to or choose for SAP EWM are:

·       Controlling aspect, f.e. following up the different movement steps in the warehouse in close detail

·       Serial number management

·       More flexibility needed in picking and put away strategies, as f.e. also multiple fixed bins

·       Easier and more detailed follow up through the warehouse monitor and cockpit

·       Need for more RF transactions

·       Voice picking

·       MFS

·       Integration of QM in the warehouse system

·       More Value-Added-Service (VAS) options

·       Increase warehouse efficiency and productivity via waves and warehouse order creation rules

·       Improved cross docking

The biggest difference between the two is that EWM offers more and better functionalities and that it’s a lot more flexible. From user perspective it is more user-friendly to work with, as a lot of things can be done straight from the warehouse monitor (which lowers the amount of transactions per user as well). If there is one minus on it, it is that it is more complex to be set-up than WM. But this on the other hand doesn’t affect the daily work with the system, that offers much more opportunities if it’s a right fit for your business module. You are currently running a SAP WM environment and want to migrate to SAP EWM?  Before we tell you our approach, we want to explain you all the options that are available and look for the best fit for your needs. At your pace we can leverage your initial set-up in SAP WM into one of the options of SAP EWM.

Our Graphyte experts can help in selecting the right option and migrate from SAP WM to SAP EWM.

November 8, 2021

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