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Supply chain management is rapidly evolving and yesterday’s processes and service models will constantly be put to the test in the future.

At Graphyte, our cross-industry experience and SAP solution expertise gives you the modern technology to accommodate the growing need for scalability and flexibility.

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Digital Supply Chain


Data lies at the beginning of any efforts to optimize business performance and processes. That is also where our expertise begins. We utilize all available data in order to properly evaluate the necessity for our clients’ ERP integration.

The nature of warehouse operations has drastically changed and more and more processes are being introduced. To accommodate this, our warehouse experts have the know-how to implement easy to use SAP solutions that can help you to plan upfront your necessary workforce per warehouse area.

SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) is a software that provides you with the ability to manage all processes in a warehouse, together with mitigating problems and issues with enhanced efficiency.
It is a great tool for automated supply chain management and for processing goods movements and managing inventory in the warehouse.

SAP TM (Transportation Management) on the other hand is a software that helps manage your transportation and logistics planning. Planning your inbound and outbound transport in TM can start at your vendor’s door and it is easily integrated with the SAP ERP and is great for customers that want to minimize risk factors throughout their supply chain.

SAP Yard Logistics

SAP Yard logistics is the link between getting your products out of the warehouse and into their appointed vehicles, ready to be transported and shipped. It eases both you as a business owner and the carriers that need to navigate from the moment they enter your warehouse’s yard to the moment they check-out with all the correct products on board.

SAP Yard Logistics reduces manual efforts in yard operations and helps manage your employees’ activity efficiently through friendly mobile user interface.

It is easily integrated with SAP EWM, TM and other carriers.

MES Integration

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is of vital importance to manufacturing processes when there are many work centers and management of materials needed for production.

It is used to manage production orders, processing data, work instructions storage and all other materials that are needed to have full visibility of manufacturing processes.

At Graphyte, our SAP MES integration consultants have the necessary skills and know-how to create business value for your organization by helping you manage your production processes.

SAP Logistics Business Network

SAP Logistics Business Network allows you to collaborate with and easily onboard stakeholders on an open network that we can easily integrate with your logistics and business processes.
The key benefits of this integration lie in improving efficiency of logistics processes and easing decision-making across different roles in your organization. At Graphyte we can help you apply common communication standards and digitalize them across your network.

Core ERP


S/4HANA is SAP’s ERP for large enterprises and it is used to control processes and to link departments and functional areas in a meaningful way. 

The software package is meant to cover work processes such as sales, accounting, marketing and production but it can also be used to manage more complex tasks.
S/4HANA is aimed at helping businesses that are on their journey to digitalization.

As the successor to the core product SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA was made more user friendly with a focus on a simplified web-interface so that all the manipulations in the system can be made easier.


SAP ECC is a classic on-premise enterprise solution which is designed to plan, control and document as many processes and parts of a company’s value chain as possible. It is commonly referred to as simply “SAP ERP”.

It is characterized by its modular structure and it includes core applications such as CRM, SRM and SCM. SAP ECC integrates digital information that’s created in one area of a business with other areas of the same business in real-time.

If there is a change of data somewhere in the chain, it will trigger and update information in other relevant areas. This is used mostly when talking about sales and inventory.

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Business Technology Platform

Database and data management

database and data management

Data lies at the beginning of any efforts to optimize business performance and processes. That is also where our expertise begins. We utilize all available data in order to properly evaluate the necessity for our clients’ ERP integration.

database and data management

Supply Chain Innovations


The Internet of Things (IoT) is at the heart of development in all sectors of the global economy and we at Graphyte are no stranger to introducing this technology in supply chain management and the warehousing industry.

Traditional warehouse management systems are limited in their capabilities to improve efficiency without introducing new technologies. On top of that, the growing competitiveness of the sector and the volatile global economy are eating into the profit margins of businesses in the industry.

This is where IoT-based smart warehousing solutions come in!


Blockchain is another emerging technology which is becoming more and more difficult to ignore. Simply put, it is a distributed ledger platform that stores and exchanges data securely among relevant parties with increased visibility and accountability.

In a warehouse setting, blockchain will allow for all relevant parties to be linked on the same platform while guaranteeing the security and ease of their communication.

Blockchain can also be easily paired with IoT technology.

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Even though adoption of AI in the warehouse and logistics sectors is not yet in popular demand, we believe that there is strong potential and benefits in implementing such technology in the future.

That is why we are preparing ourselves to introduce AI and machine learning as a possible solution for our clients and their businesses.

Some areas where we see a great opportunity to adopt this technology:
- machine learning for storage optimization and storing
- replacing manual visual inspection of goods with AI camera systems
- AI steered robots to replace manual picking and packaging processes
- AI engines for transportation route optimization

And many more!

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